Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cate Blanchett Wearing My Coat

I have a wonderful vintage coat that I wear when it gets cold in Texas. I love this coat because it was my mother's coat. She got it shortly after my father came home from World War II. That would have been the late 1940's. It is a black wool coat with a red window-pane plaid. When she got it, it was a stylish swing coat with one button at the neck. Over the years, she updated it, added buttons and a collar and replaced the lining. I have enjoyed wearing that coat, since I was big enough to fit in it. Yes it is the oldest thing in my closet and I will never get rid of it.

This afternoon, while I was sewing I was watching a movie on my laptop. The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons. About half way through there was Cate Blanchett wearing my coat. Benjamin had just returned from World War II and he was seeing Cate's character for the first time......IN MY COAT!! I couldn't believe it.

I unplugged my lap top and took it downstairs to show my mother, who at 87, still lives with us.

I said, "Mom, look at her coat!" My mom got a smile on her face and said, "She's wearing my coat. It's just like my coat."

So here is Cate in Mother's coat:

And here is MY/MOTHER'S COAT:

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1 comment:

Pam said...

How amazing is that! Saw the movie, may have to watch it again for the coat. Beautiful coat!