Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Project 364

Zach said to me the other day, "You know, mom, you haven't updated your blog with your pictures in about 10 days." I am glad he checks my blog. I guess I better put some pictures up to keep him coming back. So here they are.....

April 21 - This is Drake relaxing and watching TV. A very special picture. Several months ago, Drake could not have gotten his left arm up behind his head like this. He had a birth injury to his brachial plexus nerve and as a result he couldn't raise that arm above his shoulder. After surgery in March and physical therapy, he is doing many things he couldn't do before. This is one of them.
April 22 - I tend to be a "stick in the mud" when it comes to wearing jewelry. I am a sentimental person when it comes to my jewelry and tend to wear the few things that really have significance in my life. Actually most of the jewelry I wear, stays on all the time.
  • My wedding ring
  • The birthstone ring my Dad bought for my mom right before he passed away which is a blue topaz
  • The twisted stainless steel bracelet made by my Uncle Lee and given to me by my Dad on my 13th birthday. I've been wearing it ever since. The only time I have taken it off is to let my babies cut their teeth on it or play with it when we were in church and I needed to keep them quiet.
  • The diamond earrings Mike bought me for my 50th birthday
  • The silver toe ring we bought on our first trip to South Padre Island
  • The silver chain we bought in Jamaica - our 1st ever big vacation
  • The silver flip flop charm (worn on the silver chain) that we bought on our 30th anniversary trip to Kauai last year.
I have lots of other jewelry, but rarely wear it because for the most part it is out of sight, out of mind. So on this day, I decided to hang my necklaces out where I can see them. It has helped and I have worn some of them when I am dressing up to go out. April 23 - Our first day in the sprinkler. I took lots of pictures, but this showed the joy of the boys as they played in the water. Of course I had to post 2 pics for today.



April 24 - A very special day for this Mother in Love......And I am in love with my DIL's. They are both wonderful, kind, loving young women. And they are both creative. This is the first time they both came to scrapbook with me. And we had a wonderful time.

April 25 - This is the only picture I took on this day. I was too busy scrapbooking to get out my camera. April 26 - The only pictures I took were already posted HERE . I was getting ready to give the Album to Audrey's mommy.
April 27 - This is my cat Rocket.April 28 - Adler peeking through the bars of the crib. Drake was asleep in the crib and Adler wanted him to wake up so they could play.
April 29 - This is a huge weed that was in the back yard of the house behind us. I took some pictures of the house to send to our HOA. The front of the house was fairly well groomed, but some of the weeds in the back were over 5 foot tall. The people from the HOA who inspect properties don't see backyards. They were sent a letter and the yard was cut in a couple of days. I hated being a tattle-tale neighbor, but I didn't want bugs and maybe even worse coming into my grandboys' play yard. April 30 - Drake and Adler coloring on their little picnic table outside in their play yard.
May 1 - Adler playing with his blocks outside.May 2 - One year ago, we were on the beach on Kauai. This is a shelf that hangs in my bathroom. The biggest starfish was found on the beach in Jamaica. The middle one was found on the beach on South Padre. The smallest starfish was purchased in Kauai. I had to have a starfish from this trip. I found it strange that there were no shells on any of the beaches on Kauai. So I had to buy some. They probably came from somewhere else, but in my fantasies, I picked them up myself. LOL
May 3 - Drake spent Sunday afternoon with us. We took him to the playground at our neighborhood park. He had fun in the "tunnels"May 4 - Drake and Adler playing in their new sand table that Zach brought for them. I had fun shopping for sand toys at Target.
So now I am almost caught up.

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