Monday, April 20, 2009

Project 364

Having realized that I am not disciplined enough to upload my pictures on a consistent weekly basis....I decided to follow my artist's heart and let my muse be my guide. That way when I have the inspiration to create, I can go do that instead of spending time at the computer getting pictures ready for a blog post. I have been creating this week. So here are the pictures I took last week.
April 12 - Got it's own blog post. The Easter Bunny since there were way too many pictures to choose just one.
April 13 - Easter Monday was a day for just Drake and Gammi. Adler's mommy had a vacation day so I planned a fun day for Drake. After going to "Tara's House" (what he calls Physical Therapy), we met Pops at Taco Bell for lunch. Then we all went to the Bluebonnets to take pictures. On the way home we stopped at El Salido Park to play on the playground. Finally on the way home we stopped at Sonic for ice cream. It was a fun day.

April 14 - Adler was playing with my camera case while I was taking his picture. The next thing I knew he had put his cinnamon bread in the case and was trying to close it.
April 15 - Adler playing the piano Aunt Amy brought to my house for the boys to play with.

April 16 - Drake modeling Pop's cowboy hat. He is such a handsom little cowboy.

April 17 - Adler just woke up from his nap. "Oh my, I am having a bad hair day!!!"

April 18 - What a fun way to spend the afternoon. We went to Guene Hall to watch our favorite local band preform. White Ghost Shivers is a 1930's cover band. Cella Blue is one of the most talented and free spirited preformers. Always good for a laugh and some fun music too. They will be preforming at the Farmer's Market at the Burger Center next Saturday morning April 25th if you want to check them out. I am pretty sure we will be there unless it rains.

April 19 - After walking at Old Settler's Park, we went to Zach and April's and "kidnapped" Adler so they could have an evening to do something fun. I snapped this pic of Adler in the carseat on our way home. He is such a happy little man.

April 20 - SNEEK PEEK!!!! I am making a pink mini album for Audrey. Here is a little bit of what I have been working on. 3 pages (front and back) so stay tuned for details sometime this week.
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Pam said...

Can't beat a blue eyed cowboy!!
Looks like the album will be stunning!!

Audrey and Company said...

Oh my goodness, I can hardly wait. Love the butterfly!