Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Project 365 - Week 7

February 12- Drake and Alder riding their "cars". Since we have hardwood floors in the game room riding is easy. They do circles around the love seat.
February 13 - The boys love my laundry baskets. If one isn't dumping it so he can climb in, then the other one is. On this day they decided to share. And I PROMISE that this picture is NOT staged.
February 14 - Valentine's Day. This is the valentine I made for my sweetheart. He has it sitting on his computer desk.

February 15 - This is my cat, Rocket. She got to be the house cat, because she was not afraid of my dogs and she learned to use the doggy door, so there was no making her stay outside. Not a great picture, it was taken at night with the flash. I had to post it though.
  • It was the only picture I took that day
  • Rockets eyes photographed weird. Almost like an alien cat.
February 16 - "Pops" took this picture. He took a vacation day so we went on a little road trip with Adler. This picture was taken at Old Settler's Park. You have to look really close to find Adler. Do you see him? February 17 - Adler was sitting on the floor playing and I was watching him explore. Then he decided to suck his big toe. I had to take a picture of this. I actually got 3 or 4 because it did it for awhile. February 18 - My dear friend Sam had this painted for me in Vegas. She passed away several years ago after a long battle with cancer. She was a wonderful person. Zach and April had it framed for me to hang in my Studio. I think of my sweet friend every time I look at it.

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Heart of Home said...

As always the pictures of the grandchildren are great. Feel like I know them by now.

Love the card you made, Karen and the new look to your blog.