Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Project 365 - Week 5

January 29 - Most people use a treadmill to exercise. Adler thinks it is a place to rest.
January 30 - I actually didn't take any pictures this day, but Mike was taking pictures at a retirement party at 3M and Mike's friend, Sandy, took this picture of him. I really liked it, so I decided to use it as my fill in for this day.January 31 - April, Adler, and Zach walking down the sidewalk in front of their house.
February 1 - A squirrel on the Riverwalk in San Antonio.

February 3 - This is a Willowtree statue that was a gift from Mike in honor of our 30th Wedding Anniversary. It is appropriately named "Anniversary". The little picture behind the statue is a picture of me feeding a dolphin at Sea World during our 2nd Honeymoon after renewing our wedding vows in 1999.

February 3 - Adler holding his dear Ducky and watching Pops getting ready for work .
February 4 - This is one of my favorite pictures. Adler found a candy bar and got a good taste of it before I could get it away from him. Once he tasted the forbidden chocolate and I realized that he was not gonna give up without a fight, I decided to use it as a photo opportunity instead.

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Pam said...

They are all great pictures but the last one is priceless! Yumm!

Audrey and Company said...

I love the picture of Adler and the candy bar. Too funny! Boys will be boys.

Tj said...

Love the treadmill picture.