Sunday, November 02, 2008

All Things Tim (Holtz) Tag Challenge

I recently joined a Yahoo Group called AllThingsTim that was formed as a place to learn and discuss Techniques used by Tim Holtz who is the Distressing King of Scrapbook Land - my title for him. His products and techniques fit nicely into my scrapbooking style. Last year he featured the "12 tags of Christmas" on his Blog, I saved all his directions and pictures to a word document with the hopes of someday completing them and learning some of his tricks.
Someone in the group challenged us to create the tags this year and share them with the group. They suggested one or two a week between now and Christmas. I made my first 2 this afternoon. It was fun to see how I could duplicate Tim's tags with what I had available. So here they are.

This is Tim's First Tag.......CLICK HERE ....... to find his instructions.

And this is my version.

This is Tim's Second Tag ........CLICK HERE ........for his instructions.

And here is my version.

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Pam said...

These are beautiful!!!