Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Weekend at the Lake

I spent part of this past weekend Scrapbooking with some friends at a house on Lake Buchanon. It was awesome. 5 of us spent a couple of days relaxing, talking, eating and Scrapbooking at Linda's Lake House. It was an awesome time of great friendship and creativity. We took way too many Scrapbooking Supplies, but not once did one of us wish that we had a scrapbooking store to go to. Someone else always had exactly what we needed if we forgot something.

The Sunset on Friday night was SPECTACULAR!!! I don't remember ever seeing the sky so RED.

We set up tables and every square inch of space was covered with supplies. Acrylic stamps, buttons, ribbons, paper, cardstock, embellishments, 2 cricuts, a cuttlebug, laptops. We had a blast making our memories into works of art.
I finished Drake's Acrylic Word Bloom that my friend Pam from Heart of Texas Studios cut for me. I walked away from the weekend feeling a real sense of accomplishment that I completed the task. I also started covering a chipboard album with fall papers to make a mini book of Scarecrow pictures we took last fall in Comfort , TX. Stay tuned for pics of that in the weeks to come. To see more of Drake's Acrylic WordBloom you can visit
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Pam said...

Wow! Looks like you all had so much fun, and at a lake house had to make it even more fun!
The acrylic album is beautiful, you did a great job as usual!

Jacquie said...

Your word bloom looks fantastic Karen!!! It sounds like you all had a great time too.