Monday, June 23, 2008


When my kids started talking about having babies, I told them what I wanted my roll as "Gammi" to be.
Little Girls would have pretty dresses and learn to sew.
Little Boys would be taught to play in mud puddles and to bring BUGS home in their pockets.

When Drake was born I reinforced this with Amy, by buying this little outfit for Drake. I loved it's bright colors and cute little bug appliques. I would put it on Drake every chance I got and used it for his 3 month old photo shoot.

Fast Forward one year.

Drake has grown out of the "bug suit" and passed it on to Adler.

At 3 months I put it on Adler for his photo shoot. One day I put this little outfit on Adler for the last time. It was almost too small for him to wear comfortably. I told April that I wanted to put it in my "grandson" scrapbook, and would she please, return it to me, which she did last week.

This is what I did with the BUG OUTFIT!!!
The Journaling reads:
"Grandsons!!! What a wonderful word. And one of my jobs as Gammi to boys is to help them explore the world. BUGS - every boy collects Bugs, so when I saw this outfit, I had to buy it."
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Pam said...

That is adorable! love all the bugs on your layout!

Jennifer Stewart said...

What a precious idea! I love it! :)


fransmomma said...

how did you get the picture of the outfit on such a big piece of paper? or is that an 8 1/2 X 11? did you just take a picture, then have it enlarged and used that as your "paper"? it looks awesome!!!