Friday, June 06, 2008

Great American Scrapbook Convention

My good friend Megan and I spent the day at GASC in Arlington Texas. Sensory overload is the best way to describe it. There were so many vendors selling so many scrapbooking supplies and we had to decide what we might actually use, remember what we already have, and then purchase what we couldn't live with out. My friend LaDonna, who lives in the DFW area met us at the show and spent the day shopping with us. LaDonna has been an online friend for several years and I met her in person at GASC two years ago After the convention we went to a reception hosted by my "Cutter Queen" friend Sandy and Sherri to celebrate the Opening of their new website, That's Scrap Inc.
Tomorrow morning I will get to spend 1.5 hours with Sandy learning 25 things that are not in the manual about my Klick N Kut electronic diecutter.
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Amanda Barras said...

Looks like yall had a blast! I didn't think there was anything about your cutter that you didn't know. :)

Amanda B

Pam said...

It was a fun show and fun to meet up with you there!