Saturday, January 19, 2008

Adler Gray is Here

I am a "Gammi" . My youngest son Zach and his sweet wife April gave me the chance to love another baby. I had wanted to be called "Sugar" for years, because we had friends whose grandmothers were called "Sugar" and I always thought that was sweet. But Zach thinks it sounds like a stripper's name. Okay, so he might be right. Thinking about it, I decided "Gammi" was a good choice. I have been calling myself "Grammi" with Drake, but realistically the "R" sound will probably not come out of the little darlings mouths for quite awhile, so when Adler appeared, I decided to change my name. All Drake and Alder will hear from now on is "Gammi loves you to the moon and back" Unless you experience it for yourself, you just can't imagine the love you feel for a grandchild. And now I have double the love!!!

Adler, my 2nd grandson, was born on Wednesday January 16, 2008 at 5:35pm. He weighed in at 9 lbs even and was 21 inches long. Lots of hair. As a matter of fact, his daddy sent me a text right before he was born that said:
And at 5:35 we heard his first cry. We were lucky enough to be standing right outside of the room. All the other babies on the maternity floor had been delivered and the charge nurse let us wait outside the room instead of in the waiting room. It was so exciting. After Adler was born, Zach handed his camera out the door to his dad so we could all see the pictures he took. Then at about 7:15 we got to go in and watch Adler get his first bath and then to hold him. It was awesome.

Since Adler's Daddy is a professional photographer he had a slide show up on his website before the evening was over. You can click HERE to see it. It is wonderful. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I have.
Adler's Great Uncle Skip visited him Thursday afternoon.
The Lambert Family is very blessed to have Two wonderful Grandsons. Drake and his mommy, Amy visited his new little cousin on Thursday.

Zach and April brought Adler home from the hospital on Friday. It was raining and cold, but our hearts were so warm.
Adler got to meet his Great Grandmother Catherine. She loved just sitting and holding him. She kept saying. "He is so sweet"
Michael came to meet his new nephew as soon as he got off work on Friday. He even helped Daddy change a diaper before he left. It was pretty neat for this mom to see her boys taking care of a baby together. They are both wonderful fathers.
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Jennifer Stewart said...

Oh Karen, he is beautiful!!! I almost cried looking at those because he looks JUST like Noah when he was born. Same little nose and bottom neat. :)

Congratulations, Gammi!